I-Jesu Solonom Jesu

  ODEJon GenO↑u O-Dcee       

Ina↑I kundo Jesu Susum:  

H(nn) regel Jesu ; I rule Yesüs army to come

1 = C.f / A
De tijd en kloksnelheid zijn met elkaar rekenkundig verbonden.
s/s = 1. Dus c/f = c.s ; evenalszo dat tijd veranderd indien de kloksnelheid veranderd :) 
Dus tijd staat niet vast en zeker is dat feit! maw. de energetische stroming (corps) kan gestroomlijnd GESTuur worden.

1 = C.f / A
Time and clock speed are arithmetically linked.
s/s = 1. So c/f = c.s ; well so be it that time changes wen the clock speed changes :)
    So time isn't fixed and that fact is certain!
ie. the energetic flow (corps) can be steered streamlined. -- See explanations ↓ -|- ↑

H(nn) regel Jesu indeed He IAM IN LorDEJesu

In science you define spiritual awareness : 
 f . Js = f . JC/A
The spirits power (feeling) depents on the hight of the f.   C = s . A -->--> s = C/A
IAMIO "Odedousj" is being enguide "mediüm inside from outside inner within being told"
 in none specific and/or movement. Yes hear and see I am coupled inwithin Jesu : i-jesu 
El Masiona YühuRA! 

O-Dcee : Jesu Siereh

Jesu Siereh 

26:51 Awe 💌 Ara!ve 5782 👑 Yesüs ; ...

Sep 15, 2021 - The overlying theme of the next three weeks has to do with a battle between old and new. You are on the side of the new, innovative, and broad-minded cooperative thinking, while the other side is stuck in antiquated, traditional ways of thought. Hefun! >> Shift in consciousness doesn't mean everything would all at once enabled, cuz 10 you would be totaly in confused shock my dear, so it is also learning process in the way it opens to by whom it shall be rising constaninious have fun! Come in harmony with nature and respect hümenKind One'es'entials 1 🥰 2011--2021 ... . Reason why Jesu did say you can't offer God and money at the same time. Cuz that isn't insinck with nature Laws. Yomkipür 14:9 In gnosis stood nature would be exampled as death, so wat does you now think wat causes death then in re-examination of the parable 😉 when in same parable stood from S.O.M did overcome it, so is I be freed of death 😊 Shogün ALón 3500 years ago the war between troyans and mayceäns -- that was becuz nobody had coins enough to buy feed themself when that was introduced so they killed eachother -- the seal of phylos. --- Indeed difficult to replace-stucturise the statEures; remind that when any country is divided from another country based on moneyvalues and wages humankind destroys itself due the destruction itself made due not be in sinck with eachothers values. So change and revivement est fundamental 40-2 surveillance ''' '''''' Disclosure 14:13-14. Jesu '''''''''' say Kūmün did say around 2 and/weeks max. So wednesday is the day après 14:9 🕊️ I did sign H(nn) regel Jesu ' You know what regel stands for right 😉 IAMIN I-I Siereh Jesu so wat does it mean yes 👑 Jesu Yes I am couple inwithin Jesu Inméyonom I did formed in my real nom which you now utter myself IAMngln Heer Jesu 🥰🌟 regel <>> Yes my army stands ready He is I AM 'c'Omein':) MasieHioma'Ha I E O U A E O I Je 'HiJEoH' 🥰 Jesu 🌟 🦄 👌


Yadas sön

SwysWY Indeed praJeoH is komende IÜM

J / c² = Ω / s

( J / c² x Ω ) = f

c² = coulomb²

J = Ampère x Lambda x Ω x f

(Lambda = c.s)

: J = fAcs x kg.m²/s³.A² <>  J = kg.m²/s² = kg.m²/s²

when f becomes f² : so f² = quantum :

you get Power becuz J/s = W I-Jesu

<<>> energy (J) arise in the charges up to a salvation Point; conclusion in methafysicum / methamorphosis / weather prospects; here some inside (vision / view-denotations). (m³) cuz J = Pa.m³ :

which is also the cause of the climate change (Apocalyps IEoua JHzes | Facebook)
which is also been called the record of the commune ode revelations:

J / c² = Ω / s

** J = M . c² ** (wherein c² being gained due quadrantive f)

f² = (1/s)²

f (Hz) = Ampère / Coulomb; while the second (s) be expressed in Coulomb / Ampère.

C = s . A -->--> s = C/A

* ( Mx = Ω / s ) *** ** ** J / c² = Ω / s **

It is how energy should be converted into matter (mathperspective)


Js/C = Wb = 10^8 Mx.

When h (js) is bein expressed to be in delightfully in constantinous 6,626 . 10^-34 J being 10 being light rules timeless / charge so 10 delightfully meanSTAD Tesla.m² in measures of infinity equation J/c² = OmegaHz.

did so, I gave AIÜM Ü being say OE : insignjé artScience divinëty Luminosity |lOVE|

YesuSeeDid evolvement Love to walk in Jesü light : I-Jesu : https://i-jesu.com/


2--2:20-21 -- 22/12/2004 : Hi JEoH :-D living light of the darkness; the farmer / roots of our existens -- whom Enabled wonderful joyable feelings;

<<>> Spirit = Power (J/s) 

I-Jesu O!

J = Newton x m,

So Watt does ten be wen jou les arises wittas gravity  Geaard Onsidere!

How Massive would it be 

The Forces strengts 10 inde qubes, for J = Pam³
So Watt does rises ditto for it is J.f 

Watt = fm.Force

 kg.m/s^2 = Force

So Watt = f.m.Force

Https://www.i-jesu.com/ to seeKnowledge 

When F=M.A , should A be m/s^2 .

A = Charge/s <<>>>

when m/s^2 = C/s , then is C = m/s = A.s ,

so c² = The double-edged  so f = A/C (Hz)
  ws = J :) AIÜM 

ABOskiRAIünO) Yesü (Külün)²


So daar isa point arise sit'sown, and relievement you receive when you arrive 
   LovevoL Regards I-Jesu


artScience divinëty Luminosity |lOVE| YesuSeeDid evolvement Love to walk in Jesü light : I-Jesu : sṛtam seedAs matṛs I ya das küdü Phamatiya ଓଁ Truecee © MasäyéOhÌ nasareen ॐ AijÜūM I whoms.was.t¨Y¨k.adaswit4oints! I save S Yesayes Yes say Yes SCIencewRt ॐ AijÜūM

HET DEBAT. Is extreme weather sign that we've to take more care of climaTecHange? | Nieuws | hln.be

stationair High pressure patroon in the airstream versus cloudforming.

c'consequence due Pascal (Pressure) riseth due the extra moleculair masses,
as gasses can be measured (energy quantity) was pushed in the volume (atmosphere).

Joule = Pressure x m³. (m³ = Volume) (5,15 x 1018 m³)

Stationair cloudforming caused due rapid absorbing HO (Humidity)
in the lowerclouds (grey) up to the higherclouds (white) due by sun (heatens) upwards the clouds wheretrough clouds easy
get heavy and so difficulte move as quickly they normal would move forward, wheretrough floodclouds (H2O) easy forms,
surely where 2 different pressure fields flows (around of the great HighPressure-heatwave stationed blockstreams)
which causes then the cloudforming more loaded >> and Voltaged; to easyly form ThUnderENlighting bolts.

Joule = Coulomb x Voltage.

With gigantic aluminum movable--turning reflexional shields towards the sunlight à (mirroring) (mountains) : you can control the sunlight :

- influence the pressure fields (air)

- influence thermal heat so influence the availability of the absorbed water

- lower the temperature on the surface  

- regulate cloud forming to change direction. 

10 so in-directly the airstream influence to gain time for the risen pressure to tackle climate change (atmosphere due the gassoutputs!) at contrairy it should be a blessing for when the water golfstream would ending its sweet influence upon the Northen lands of equator : tropic of cancer and sud on : tropic of capricorn. -- For it did does enhighered the global temperature for a sudden drop of temps duetHe influences of the sweet salted stream from the mids up to the nord backin to the southern regiones.

Joule x frequention (Hz) = Watt!
(Hz) can be expressed in Ampère / Coulomb.
And Watt in Voltage x Ampère.

Gulf Stream could be veering toward irreversible collapse, a new analysis warns | Live Science

Do you know what a fact is: a fact = ac wherein that the tf = sf

so when t expressed in seconds would be go in equivalence with the vibration expressed in Hz,
than the moving charge (ac) absolve each altogether with the (tf) as you see a duality equation that (sf) should than being virtual 1 indif-language sensed 1 = 1.
So when you are willing to talk about facts it means then there is time to act: salt = stAΛ & ac/Hz = AL

Ōmeteōtl : what can be seasoned sealt verses 8!

You see periode's - 144000 - years seaLevel compares climate: melted ice water is less heavy as salt water which contribute influence of the gulf stream
-- weather will indeed change:  heavy wind, temperature rises and then would become cold; as pre-occuring heavy rainfalls --
For this reason the dead sea was been described as first emergency to behold its formation; for its restorements of many SALT.

Joshua 3:16 ESV / 8

The waters coming down from above stood and rose up in a heap very far away,
and those flowing down toward the Sea of the Arabah, the Salt Sea, were completely cut off.

Numbers 34:12 ESV / 8

And the border shall go down to the Jordan, and its limit shall be at the Salt Sea. This shall be your land as defined by its borders all around.”

2 Kings 2:21 ESV

Then he went to the spring of water and threw salt in it and said,
“Thus says the Lo, I have healed this water; from now on neither death nor miscarriage shall come from it.”

Lucy14:34 when salt have lost his saviourity, wherewith shall it be season?

actually the co² and Nitrogen outputs does sufficates becuz the normal values of the atmosphere became unbalanced as how it had to be;
when you put more gasses into the air, it means you raise the pressure, J = Pa . m³, so the energy = hot,
so therefore you can say that the outputs of cars and plains the global warming fastens! becuz you can see it as the atmospere of the earth =
being sensed within the m³ measurements! actually the co² and Nitrogen outputs does sufficates : thats the reason why in revelation 6:6 was
been said: do not damage the oil nor the mine for it damage life!

look here is a sufficent word for it : rein car nation indiffers in car nation!
*** Joule = Pa . m³, earth atmospherisch cube in m³ = 5,15 . 1018  m³, so due moleculaire mass of CO² and other forms whats being pushed into the atmosphere, 
does rise the pressure within the cube, so therefore the airstreams would change behaviours in-directly more energetic loaded --> Global warming.     

****** So therefore the message (Odedousj) listen and act

(the word casha in the recorded yutube video means: soap ---- cLaos)
odewise followed: Ghenna’sHades.   Ade means earth in other words; as a meaning to speak to the inhabitants of the earth.
when using soap-peez<: only use extracts from Sapindaceae - Wikipedia 
for example the seacorals** blanching due Detergents pollution is bind to calcium** as also caused the fishes on the seashores; we have to be very more concious how to lower the effects of unconcious behaviours of polluting the waterstreams; becuz the sea, oceans, rivers where been massive chemically misCARYet-sono abusements of chemical misbehiours such as enrishing uraniUM for it does take as long to break of as that the earth already turns around the sun -- forso you did risking SOwionHiacku, in other words: destroying the livability on the planet.

****** How do you wASH? Happy those who doesn't clean with detergentials additives, how to wash your cloathes: only pure water, right temperature and or without any soaps except extracts of the Sapindaceae. Relieved nurses and physchi'tree as they shouldn't use any antipsychoticums to who has notified it H’nn’ Jesu 'regel' and bring him out of isolations of society due rules of 27 june 1990!; ps. those sulferacids; are less heavy as the FORBIDDEN use of any fluoridese except of brushing le dents--indeed (F)risperdon!!ˌnənT͟Həˈles doIsay2forbidden usages of none re-usable pelaSTICS!s 

Zeepblastic is nog erger vervuilend as olie, dus denkt doa aun wannę eu saf uitdut of wast!


Solonom Jesu


  I-Jesu send email :

ArU-nnJa; devu be beautiful

aRAMees -- seeRAma nasjerev means People, nousnjere : Salutations. karas kisko means wartrail or swords of words! suOduonos means brood (duo onze son) ode now ki noon : you have to Bring ode so you should receive !joy! I-Jesu :)

The level of vibration (f) 
  E = h . f   so level f can change momentum
Arunja (A) represents the frequention (f)
J = ALΩ.Arunja

 Jesu : J/f = AL Om : so how higher the frequension the lower the resistance!

So when J = ALA . Ω

and the f becomes quadrantive of its origin where f becomes f²

< > Arunja . f < > So therefore 1 say 10 :

J = ALfA . Omega

AMD1 I-Jesu (Yesoe)

J = M . c² 

(wherein c² being gained due quandrantive f)  

f²  = (1/s)² 

f (Hz) = Ampère / Coulomb ;
while the second (s) be expressed in Coulomb / Ampère

c² = Joule . Farad,
J / c² = Ω / s  <> c² = J.s / Omega


Matter = resistance over time
( Mx = Ω / s )  
J / c² = Ω / s, It is how energy will be converted into matter ;)

f = A/C , so when f becomes f²,
you have reached c² you receive satisFaction

Jesu in corporate :)


c² did already become 4²,4 miljard years ago O-DceeDC u-  
There wasn't a bigbang, in beginning the energy did spinned within a miniscule field,
when begon to spin in quadrance of its own spinning it sprouted 410 could begon the creation due the vived energy who is the light of the darkness  reveaLed 5:3 CarnELion

Source for to gain energy :

c² = J . F

AC/Hz = ALambda   (Λ = Lambda = C.s)

A . s² = Λ

s² = Λ / A

s = C/A

Λ = C.s

s = Λ . A / AC

AC = Λ . A / s

AL/LA = 1

C² = A².s² >>

(charge)² = AΛ

>> W Λ = JC

Derived from (V.A = W) (J = Pa.m³) (Farad = C/V)  ***

VA = C V.f

So when you let guide “voltage stream” (VA) to eachother VA – VA Theron 1 measured fore example 10W – 10W forms 100W.

These need to be guided into a 3rth circuit and the other equal circuits may not collide indirectly without the 3rth connection

– Therefore there is used to know the frequencies rules!

When such construction = formed we’ve alot resource.


ngl Heer Jesu'n' : JeSurG Hennel : "nr.: O'umen" So who is searching f orda  for  
is japannees forSK wen double n form m  habe sie das gevunden  openbaring 1:20:1
who is das Engel in searchess  Mysteree ✨

22:4:16 eart his 4,4jears,Univers16,4M. nosAmsi vu pl! Susum my dear &#128578;

Umjunesiracho su Um ^ 7-9 so wen Um aloud it is risen to Aleph 8-12
so wen rise to gAmma cestaume 40+  
So MUsic isn't sic but in symponny &#129412; 
MU estune Frequension vibe  In 80Hz you are inin en on 40+ you in.

7.83^2 = 61,3089 is sprouting to reach the ultimatums &#128578; 

So 7+7.83^2+2*7 es tempstructure = 61,3089+14+7 &#128578; 
= oughToTreeOathInine &#128578;

A time: a doubled time and 3 times 7 = mysteryland explanation &#128578;
Ob. 1:8 ElephanD-gAmanna &#128578; 13Ramein.
Https://www.i-jesu.com/ 2--2:20-21  
Indeed he whom testify to these senses:
I am comein IQkey! I-Jesu SusUM; OmeIn

Jesu Oüm!

J = Newton x m,

So Watt does ten be wen jou les arises wittas gravity  Geaard Onsidere!

How Massive would it be  The Forces strengts 10 inde qubes, for J = Pam³
So Watt does rises ditto for it is J.f 

Watt = fm.Force
So daar isa point arise sit'sown, and relievement you receive when you arrive 

In science you can define spiritual awareness : f . Js = f . JC/A
The spirits power (feeling) depents on the hight of the f.

C = coulomb, so see it as it is within and around formed the corps. cc = then J.F, so the energy which is more available as the totality.
In corps forms does it then mean, that you have among you the energy formed.

JC / Λ = W  (spiritual awareness) 

C = s . A

>> s = C / A

>> A = C / s

f = 1 / s

>> A = C . f

Λ = C . s

f . J C / A <<>> f . J C = A

when spiritual awareness raised up to Hz² = f²

>> J C = A / (1/s²)
<<>> J C = A . s²

J C = A . s²
comensurated with “A = C . f “ = “A = C / s”

>>>> J C = C . s² / s

<<<>>> J C = C . s

<<>> JC = Λ (spiritual awareness)

indeed JC = Vivid 

JC = Λ (spiritual awareness) 

<<>> Spirit = Power (J/s)



Code x managing to ensure (responsible) care for ecology



            (S.P) = Supply      and     (G. Nx.) = Demand

1 = Support base . Presention / Need x . Good

Be hopeful:

What momently is happening, we should take a moment to reflect and think wise, because we’ve the opportunity to redesign our society as what before was seen as utopia can become real example:

Codex : *  1 = {S.P / G.Nx}
= resensed from dutch to english

In Presence Serving our needs (x)
bring it together in commune Material Libraries to reunion a common goal:
>for lowering workload duties of any one of us into salvation requirements
Common senses = Act to relieve pressures = Build together on a precious state!
mindful the 5 elements equation: and we get Oneness UNITY :)

Serve = G.Nx/P

The more you bring the need of any into services on peoples requests themself & the more support onto it will enlighten the workload
>> "serve to see the sense" of it all :)

<<>> will ensure and guide us to another necessity to enlighten the air of its pollution of none essential productions <<>> because you prioritize the demands themself in common of rising the Supply, because we act on what the demand is, instead of creating supply whether in need or not to stimulate economic = change of engagement manner = stimulate ecologic …

The beloved promise:
"you’ll see change in the way how we all as 1 directing it: “that point of view might be good"

Why did people on assignment work for the economy, and not the other way around as the economy serves the requesting party to restructure the supply? 10D1: trade like a library where we borrow a book, but identical for materialism In such a way, we do not have to manufacture endlessly in order to buy up all materials for our own use at the expense of our own performance – IF we do we can use when we need, and we should lowering the manufacturing itself anyway .... offers additional more free time to spend where we love to spend our times: because the way guides on a manner that we can work where we want to engages us and it does encourage us ourself because we shall find that we feel that what we do is worthy to do for our common goals, see it whole: to provide and ensure peace and salvation ... in common sense ...

How to provide:

The more you'll work together the less you need to do all by yourself and if you yourself know what you really need: notice it and POST to the community in a workout access system which present the need in addition with what we have – in addition what needs to be done to achieve.

Bring visual clear in question *
The need where we can choose to support a project which = made known where you would love to support 42 make it prosperous happen, so priority becomes the beloved need transmission of each ones x.

When the Support base its weightings will lower the more enlightened the environment become.

* How to get started?
Inventories of all x = any good & service – & the x in supply (market) and x in demand (we)
--- Bring both inventories together in a kind of open system view, where we’ve access to  – the market at one side and the we another side – and so we know what the result shown.

> So we might have a known what is priority to:
“our own/commune and global needs (common)”

 ---  Depend on the result we get, we have to re-organize and RESTructure so the demand come in common: for creating the result:
"Less working hours for creating more time to spend how we love to spend our time”

* True & Ecological path to follow.

IN A MIND STATE  -- come to know how to be free and to find relieve.
In prosperous future when we maintain oneness we shall see the skyline arisen, such as we together build on to it: “World be 1 connected!”

O-DceeCMINDu    (Jesu)  


Should beAreason whyteCow would beaSeenAsaOILY animeauXinIndia. How does you met acrow ⚔️

The smoke in the air could be a blessing for as would gulfstream falls flat. Mvg. Medion 417-420 ppm. 3ves

In stomage of a cow their sits bacterie which solves cellulase-cellulose corona's moldindeathsLnginfectionHelpfulness.

Voice Recorded 14/09/2019 22h52/53min covid-19 biomtrex viresudue Yusu. (SO DONT OBLIGATE VC!) Message spoken due DIHiO MessaÏH Essa ye! So d’après cassoreatie lamo go 28/10/2019 they thought to kill me in Ixelles – 30/03/2021 and see I conquered and have overwon the trône of satan. Amio my dear Jesu The all Powerful one who did talk through me I AM ON MY WAY I E O U A E O I J e "H I J E O H" I A M I O Jesu :-D

EL Messiah ⚔️ MarcoPelis; ... Indeed Lo de Heavens Army 

De herformulering van einsteins theory E = M.c² is nu J = M.c² waarin c² niet de snelheid van het licht in kwadraat is; aangezien in de formulering van einstein het licht geen massa heeft; was er een noodzaak om c² te expressiëren voor zodat Materie kon ontstaan. In religieuze context: Johannes kwam dopen met water waarin de 'Wonder'stebovenstond zou dus Mater zijn, vervolgens komt iemand het licht aan doen: Met andere woorden: 1 engel van Heer Jesu is door het licht aangekleed; https://www.i-jesu.com/ de verwijzing naar mijn eigen naam NGL Heer Jesu'n' nr. Engel H. Jesu = 660 : De^Wensenzoon wit unicum genom: O-Dcee nL.gn Heer Jesu in me your nom JeoH :)

Les Koptisch a sertain used alüp to use da sun 4 their self maded Gems reflecting 2 heat di Oven in MaLa's. Watt is now the Headtitle ODion Yesüs
Disclosure 11:11-15 ::: 3 . 1 . 3 . 5 ::: may-june 2011 5771 ::: sowwenow je wish 5782 ::: 18 Di NA Sty Egyptian e.MP.ire TüTamün!
G-d did say: I shall come; so does He does who did give testimony to these sayings did, do say! COME! Alüm (Love) I obey you AIÜM Yesüs ;

Do you know thé book allogenius -- The Nag Hammadi Library (gnosis.org) i did in a certain way talked on where on that special beautiful power feeling so it does exist 
i-jesu.com x1)

Can more than a soul live in one body?

Of course it is possible, otherwise i couldn't make contact with them who thought to be already gone,

so yes indeed it is possible cuz it is a sign that I am arisen lovevol regards https://www.i-jesu.com/ I tell yü even more:

They stand ready to come!


Shown how communication be possible outren within spacetecs; https://I-Jesu.com/

Wavelength is 3 X 10^8 m ? ...

that's only 1 Hz ... AMD 1 say : so, then you can also calculate how far a message which would being codated into waveslenghts and being sended to the receiver  
30000 km / Hz so, it can be easyly reached around the whole globe in a single action; I-Jesu

Matter = Ω / s, V/C, 1/Farad

W.s = Joule

AC = Λ . A / s

V.A = W

J = CV

Λ = C.s

f = 1/s (Hz)

W/AC = Matter <<=>> Joule / AΛ

* >>> Mx = V.fx / A

A = C / s

>>> C . M . Λ = Joule . s (It means that our soul (J.s) = Matter . C Λ) ***

* >>> CV . fx . Λ / A = Joule . s

** Λ = C . s, J = CV & s = C / A

** >>> J . s . fx = Joule

J . s = Joule / fx

Joule . fx = W

<<>> How higher fx = The more powerfull (W) it is.

*** (It means it is = living matter)

>> Matter = J . s / A . C . s . s <<>> = W / AC << = M.

C = Farad . V <<>> W / W . F

F . Mx = 1

  – the quadrant of the vibration of our living soul, that the Spirit = Power become,
see now what then has happened in the above equation:
soul (J.s) = Matter . c²  Jesu


(C) MasäyéOhÌ. H’nn’ Jesu 'regel'